Continuity Companies
What RevGuard Does For You

RevGuard was started by people who have worked in the trial/continuity industry for years. They know exactly what it takes to be successful in the industry, and having an outstanding customer service system in place is one of the most valuable assets of your company. Every one of your customers will interface with your customer service system, so it is imperative that your system is the best it can be to keep your customers happy and make your business money.

That’s where RevGuard comes in. They are exactly what you need to ensure your customer service system is the most profitable asset possible through their A/B Split Testing methodology.

As a trial/continuity business, you are constantly battling increasing charge backs, customer complaints and long, inefficient customer service calls. RevGuard can eliminate all of these issues in your business with their tested and proven customer service optimization techniques. When your customers are happy with their customer service experience, they are less likely to file a charge back, submit a negative complaint or tie up your customer service lines with their problems. Instead of trying to get more new customers at a cheaper cost, RevGuard will help you make more money with the customers you already have.

Knowing what it takes to run a successful trial/continuity company, RevGuard has identified Top 10 Key Performance Indicators, which they have found drive the most success for businesses. They constantly monitor these metrics of your business to ensure you are as profitable as possible.

RevGuard also knows they make the most impact when working with trial/continuity companies that use Lime Light, Orange CRM, Order Logix, OrderMotion, Response CRM, Triangle CRM, or UltraCart as their CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).

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