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There is a revolution going on in computing and software. It’s called Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). International Data Coporation projects the SaaS industry to grow to $67 billion by 2016, a cumulative average growth rate of 24%. Gartner Group projects IaaS growth to reach $36 billion by 2016, a cumulative average growth rate of 36%.

This growth is due to many positive aspects of SaaS platforms. First, SaaS platforms are cheaper because they bundle several customers on just one platform and one hosting environment. Second, SaaS maintenance is easier because there is much less need to manage your technical environment, and the capital expenses for hardware and software are nonexistent. Third, SaaS is entirely virtual. Distributed employees can work on software through the Cloud from anywhere.

The Cloud

RevGuard is a SaaS technology company – it is 100% SaaS/IaaS Cloud-based and hosted by RackSpace, Inc. InContact, the largest Cloud-based multi-tier IVR technology platform, is our inbound calls platform. Sendgrid is our email management and optimization platform. Because RevGuard is a Cloud-based service, this migrates some of your infrastructure to the Cloud, which increases efficiency and accessibility within your company.


RevGuard is Your Communications Backbone

All of your customer service calls will initiate into our system. About half will go to your live customer service solution, but the other half will go through our automated testing system. So we’d better have a pretty robust system – right?

Rackspace and InContact

We think Rackspace is the most robust, most responsive commercial hosting company available, which is why we use Rackspace for our server and firewall infrastructure.

In Best Practices 2012, Frost & Sullivan North American Cloud Contact Center Solutions crowned inContact the best Cloud-based contact center. The inContact backbone handles more than a billion calls a year, and we’re built on an InContact platform.

Robust System-Wide Service Level Agreements

Our Service Level Agreement is 99.5% – our performance is usually at 99.95%. In other words, our system (and our underlying Cloud-based services) stumbles for only 20 minutes a month on average. Maintenance is typically performed in the early mornings on weekends and takes place for about an hour, once a month.


Limited Customer Data

We rarely keep personal customer information that isn’t already available on the web, and we never hold information on credit cards, social security and/or driver’s license. Customer information is usually limited to name, phone, email, product purchased and characteristics of the purchase (assembly date, pricing, etc.)

PCI Compliance

However, security is still a priority. Our firewall, infrastructure, and applications are architected for PCI compliance at a Level 2 Service Provider.

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