Subscription Companies
What RevGuard Does For You

Subscription companies want to keep customers interested in their unique business and products for as long as possible. RevGuard knows subscription companies can make huge profit gains from lengthening the time their customers stay subscribers, even by just a month or two.

As a subscription business owner, you need to know how and what to say to your customers to make them want to stay subscribers for as long as possible.

Leave that to us. Through our A/B Split Testing process, we determine exactly what your customer service system needs to offer your customers to retain them as subscribers.

Your subscription company constantly battles to uphold a positive reputation, to deter customer complaints and to avoid long, inefficient customer service calls.

RevGuard can eliminate all of these issues in your business with our tested and proven customer service optimization techniques.

When your customers are happy with their customer service experience, they are more likely to form a positive opinion of your company and less likely to file a complaint or tie up your customer service lines with their problems.

Instead of trying to get more new customers at a cheaper cost, RevGuard will help you make more money with the customers you already have.

Typical Results RevGuard Advertisers See

  • Lower live CSR costs 31%
  • Reduce refunds 17%
  • Reduce chargebacks 23%
  • Increase save sales 23%
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value 31%

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