What is RevGuard?

RevGuard is a Boulder, CO technology company which performs SaaS automated A/B testing of customer interactions, for high-volume subscription and continuity merchants.

Results for RevGuard Clients

RevGuard Typical Results 2017

Lead Qualifications

The qualifications we look for in our ideal prospects / referrals:

Continuity & Subscription Business model

Customers call in to cancel subscription / apply for refund

Approx. 250+ orders processed/day

Want to reduce refunds & chargebacks

Meet Your Partner Relationship Managers

Aimee Paterson Business Card Cropped

I have been talking with Aimee Paterson with RevGuard every week religiously for several months now.  She is extremely professional and methodical in assuring the strategic relationship between Red Crane Media and RevGuard is successful.  Since we have met Aimee, we have onboarded several new clients increasing their revenue significantly.  She makes sure her clients are well informed about our company before she even introduces us, so that they are comfortable.  Red Crane Media considers RevGuard one of their most valued referral partners and will always continue to reciprocate the relationship.

Jennifer Oaks
Director of Strategic Partnerships

John Petraglia Business Card Cropped

RevGuard not only sees you as a partner – they want to see you do well, they want to see you succeed, they want to see you do better in your business.

Nate Lind
Founder of Advertiser Summit

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