Product Releases
QIV 2014

QIV 2014

We have a vision at RevGuard.

Provide you comprehensive Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) reporting and the ability to improve your CLV with your customers through A/B testing at all points of customer contact.

By the end of QIV 2014, you’ll have a tool that can do:

  • Portal-based, automated CLV reporting and analysis;
  • Portal-based, detailed split test reporting on A/B tests;
  • Email as a point of automated interaction and A/B testing;

Here is a list of milestones in QIV that take us further along in our vision.

Enhanced Reporting

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Using our configurable CLV calculator, you can see just how valuable your customers are. This reporting allows you to do live CLV reporting on all metrics of CLV and consolidate them into the portal. Data can be broken down by affiliate, channel, product, country and other variables to give you detail analysis on overall performance. This report works by diving into the CRM you are using and pulling the data by grouped customers (“cohorts”) and then constructing analysis on customer value at any time in the relationship.

You’ll be able to configure brand CLV by selecting which fields and overhead costs should be applied to each product line. Your RevGuard system calculates the CLV for each customer with your brand on a real time basis and displays your up-to-date brand CLV within the Portal. This allows you to optimize traffic sources and ad spend and then focus on which areas you want to prioritize for improving CLV by using A/B testing.

Split Test Reporting

With our new Split Test report, you can review brand based split tests in real time to observe pre- and post-split value and drill down into the specifics of each split test to see details on all actions taken.

Real Time Data

You will now see real time data populate into your Portal as customers work through your OCO® system. Spot trends and take action faster and with more confidence.

OCO® Enhancements

OCO® Email

OCO® Email is here. Automatically handle your customer’s email with all of the flexibility of the IVR and Web OCO® offerings. Through a proprietary algorithm, OCO® Email is able to parse through your customer’s email and respond with all of the options and offers you have configured for your IVR and Web OCO® implementation.

CRM Updates

Salesforce Integration

The largest cloud CRM, Salesforce®, now integrates with RevGuard. Combined with our merchant defined field’s enhancement, you will take control of your CRM data within RevGuard to analyze and improve CLV.

Konnektive Integration

Konnektive® customers can now fully integrate to RevGuard’s OCO system to further drive profitability through CLV reporting and A/B testing.

User Interface

New Look and Feel

Your RevGuard portal has a new user interface and a better user experience. We have incorporated a flat design to efficiently display your data as well as provide faster navigation to your Split Tests, CLV Calculation and Reporting.

System Updates

Expanded Permissions

Control and limit how much information each individual user can access at your RevGuard portal and which products they can view with expanded user accounts and role based security.

Multiple Company Access

Tired of logging into multiple accounts to check status of your different companies? Now with the latest Portal updates, you can connect all of your companies into one Portal instance.

Enhanced Customer Recognition

See recognition rates lift between 5 to 7% across the board with our enhanced customer recognition methods. This improvement is being automatically applied to all active RevGuard customers and all future RevGuard customers.

Merchant Defined Fields for API

You’ll be able to create your own defined fields for reporting and analyzing CLV. So your reports will fit your specific needs and focus. RevGuard will have a standard template that you’ll be able to review and adjust based on your individual needs.