Lies, Lies, Lies and the Big Change

Lie: All Customers Want to Talk to a Live Representative

Sometimes, but mostly not.

The typical live customer call runs 3-6 minutes and involves higher refunds, greater cancellations, and lower revenue.

When a customer calls the Optimized Customer Outcome (OCO) system, their phone number is matched to their status in the customer relations management (CRM) system.

The customer receives a personalized, targeted message that allows them to resolve their issue in less than one minute.

Statistically, 75% of customers choose the option to use our OCO system, instead of talking to a live representative.

A smaller portion of customers, who prefer a live customer service representative (CSR), can enter “0” – at any time – and speak with a live CSR.

Lie: RevGuard Increases Chargebacks

No.  Never.

In an apples-to-apples test (same terms, etc.), RevGuard has never increased chargebacks versus a live call center.

RevGuard typically lowers chargebacks 20-30%.

Customers who have targeted, status-based, personalized, fast interactions are happier and more satisfied.

Additionally, RevGuard is on 24/7/365 and picks up immediately. No more frustrating call hold times and call queues.

If you use RevGuard, your chargebacks will go down. Period.

Lie: RevGuard is Expensive

RevGuard typically increases customer lifetime value (net of the RevGuard cost) $9.62, providing users with a return on investment (ROI) up to 541%.

Because RevGuard ALWAYS puts its money where its mouth is, you can use it risk free, for your first month.

If RevGuard doesn’t drive dramatic CLV improvements, leave us and you don’t owe a penny. Ask your Live Call Center for that same guarantee. See what they say. 🙂

No Long Term Contracts!

You never have a long term contract for RevGuard’s SaaS product, even though almost every other SaaS company requires it.

Why? Because RevGuard proves its value every day.

The Big Change.  Richer and Smarter.

RevGuard customers get even smarter, using our product to analyze metrics.

In addition to lifting CLV, RevGuard customers have a live tool that gives them immediate CLV data on all of their affiliates.  You can know within just a few days if an affiliate is a winner or a loser – and optimize your traffic buys, accordingly.

You’re smarter and making more money. Fun, huh?

Real Results

Typical Results You’ll See Using RevGuard

  • 46% Customer Lifetime Value Increase
  • 90% Company Profit Increase
  • 23% Chargeback Decrease
  • 31.2% Refunds Decrease
  • 33.57% Customer Service Costs Decrease
  • Up to 541% Total Return on Investment