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RevGuard’s email uses the same technology as RevGuard’s phone/IVR OCO, which has been used on over 200 brands for 75+ companies on customers.

We’ve never had a situation where we didn’t do two things:
1) Make you more money
2) Make your customers happier

Why It Works

When customers interact with your company, surveys show they want two critical things when dealing with your customer service:
1) Speed/Ease
2) Resolution

Customer Malleability

Provide your customers with Spead/Ease and Resolution, and they will reward you with:

  • Higher revenues per customer on average
  • Lower Refunds per customer on average
  • Lower chargebacks per customer on average
  • Higher customer satisfaction per customer on average

When you use the RevGuard OCO® system, you give your customers fast, targeted resolutions tested and optimized to maximize customer lifetime value.

The Basics – How Email Works

When a customer sends an email to reach out to you, our system quickly identifies the customer (95% of identifications occur with no additional customer input) and then puts them into a testing cohort. We then quickly serve them up with an option or a set of options based on their status.

The foundation of our technology is A/B testing. We use the same tried and true science you’ve used for years to lift landing page, email, PPC and other channel conversion to lift customer lifetime value (CLV) for the customers you’ve already acquired.

A typical RevGuard OCO® handled customer is off the phone with a happy, more profitable outcome in less than 35 seconds.

RevGuard’s software and team of customer success managers then analyze and review the results of the various A/B tests in various cohorts. By calculating out the CLV impact of various actions and choices and the rate at which customers choose those choices, we create actionable information for you to modify your current customer service interactions, pricing methods and retention options to increase CLV.

To date, every customer who has used our system has generated a solid, provable, economic lift in CLV and an ROI in excess of 350%. Every. Single. Time.

The process of improvement is never ending and always based on the science of A/B testing.

Better Outcomes

By providing with a fast, targeted and A/B tested optimized response we get better customer outcomes.

How fast? A customer sends an email, he/she has a response sent in 1-2 seconds that is customized to their status and their testing cohort.

Targeted? Your customers email is targeted to their specific status and testing cohort you’ve assigned to them. Leading to a better outcome or, at a minimum, better knowledge on who to drive a better outcome.

A/B tested? Every interaction is being tested and measured for its impact on CLV, providing you valuable data on how to life and improve CLV and company profitability.

OCO® Beats Live CSRs Every Single Time

One misconception some merchants have is that they think their customers prefer live customer service representatives. It’s true that some people, some of the time have some issues they want to solve with live customer service. But almost always, customers prefer speed/ease and resolution in a fast, status targeted method.

A live CSR agent interaction usually takes 3-5 minutes after a typical hold time of 1 minute or more. In addition to the increased time, live CSRs also go through a series of questions to get to the point of resolution, which increases customer agitation. The negative impact of 100% Live CSRs is shown through higher CSR costs, higher refunds and higher chargebacks.

Email API Integration

SendGrid or other programmable Email Application

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