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RevGuard Reviews

Our clients have responded so positively to our services and the subsequent increase in their profits, that we would like to highlight some of the awesome RevGuard reviews our clients have shared with us.

Nate Lind of AdSum Aspen, and Halo River Speaks About His Experience With RevGuard.


“I really enjoy the ability to design A/B tests for customer service and to see the impact they have on my business.”Dan C.

“Since adding RevGuard in front of my live reps, I’ve had stability on my campaigns for over 2 years and my profit margins are at an all-time high. Their team is simply amazing and very responsive. RevGuard’s reporting and analytics is unmatched in the industry, saving me a ton of time crunching numbers.”RevGuard Customer of Four Years

“RevGuard has been an awesome decision for my company. By utilizing their OCO suite of products, I’ve been able to lower chargebacks and increase revenue per customer. This has translated into an over lift in my CLV.”Zach S.

“RevGuard takes my company as seriously and urgently as I do. Their staff is an extension of my internal team and are dedicated to making my business better.”RevGuard Client

“We’re very happy with the fruits of this service so far, thanks guys!”Jordan K.

“RevGuard is consistently helping me improve my business’ bottom line. We appreciate their sincere interest in our success.”Lexxi A.

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