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Are you tired of losing revenue to chargebacks? Want to know the best tools and tactics for minimizing risk?

In this webinar, we’re prepared to reveal insider intelligence and proprietary strategies that will take both your customer service and chargeback management to the next level. Learn how to optimize in-house operations to immediately improve the bottom line.

  • Learn why most businesses struggle with chargeback prevention
  • Diagnose the primary sources of chargebacks
  • Discover underutilized chargeback prevention tactics
  • Explore customer service strategies that reduce chargebacks
  • Understand how to effectively implement IVR and web for customer handling
  • Discuss customer service optimization tactics


Ben Scrancher, Director of Client Relations, helps Chargeback911’s global card-not-present merchants minimize risk to optimize profitability with customized, dynamic solutions.

Jarrod Wright, Marketing Director, helps Chargebacks911 manage partnerships and referrals. He identifies opportunities to improve merchant outcomes through collaboration with other leading industry service providers.

Walter Long, Senior VP, Business Development, is a Direct Response and Ecommerce Sales and Marketing executive with over 10 years of experience creating triple-digit profitability gains for merchants.

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