You’ll see a 30% lift in profits.  And it’s guaranteed.

Our proven SaaS technology will increase your profits by:

  • Increasing your revenue per customer
  • Reducing your refunds
  • Cutting your live customer service costs

What is RevGuard?

RevGuard is a Boulder, Colorado technology company which performs A/B split testing on your post-sale customer interactions.

We work exclusively with continuity and subscription businesses to lift and optimize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Typical Results You’ll See

  • Reduce live CSR costs 34%
  • Reduce refunds 31%
  • Reduce chargebacks 23%
  • Increase save sales 23%
  • Increase CLV 43%

“Since adding RevGuard in front of my live reps, I’ve had stability on my campaigns for over 2 years and my profit margins are at an all-time high. Their team is simply amazing and very responsive. RevGuard’s reporting and analytics is unmatched in the industry, saving me a ton of time crunching numbers.”RevGuard Customer of Four Years

Why it Works, Every Time

  • The process we use is the same science B2C merchants have been using for years to test optimize marketing campaigns – A/B testing;
  • But with RevGuard, we optimize the value of customers you have already acquired;
  • Our Optimized Customer Outcome (OCO) system tests variables against one another and identifies the combination which works best for your customers.

“RevGuard is consistently helping me improve my business’ bottom line. We appreciate their sincere interest in our success.”Lexxi A.

RevGuard Keeps Things Simple

Doing a free trial is easy.

  • We are fully integrated with the most popular CRM platforms: SalesForce, Netsuite, LimeLight, Triangle, Konnektive, OrderLogix, Orange CRM, UltraCart and OrderMotion and others;
  • We also do integrations to your custom, internal CRM system
  • You’ll get a No-risk Guarantee. Use our system for 30 days. If you don’t think it’s the most impactful, dynamic profit increasing technology you’ve used, then leave and owe us nothing.
  • There are no long term contracts. We earn your business every day.

Safe and Secure

  • We don’t acquire any credit card or sensitive information. You retain that;
  • Over 75 merchants and 508 brands are already using our system;
  • Over 19 million customers have been tested and optimized through our system;
  • Fully PCI-compliant;

Hand Holders

  • Free customer success support for life. We literally will do all the testing and the optimizing for you if you prefer but…,
  • Most customers eventually choose to dynamically run the tests themselves;
  • Dedicated customer success management team works to optimize your profits, design and deploy A/B tests and keep your profits growing;

SaaS Technology

  • 100% Cloud-based, no hardware or software to support;
  • 99.85% uptime over last twelve months;
  • Fastest growing customer optimization technology;

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