A Secure Technology to Increase Profits

Integrated to Leading CRMs, Including Salesforce® And NetSuite®

The Science

Everyone uses A/B testing to optimize customer acquisition. Now, you can also use A/B testing to optimize customer lifetime value (CLV).

Easy Does It

Going live and doing a test is easy and you’ll get a system where:

  • We are already integrated with, and meet the security protocols for, several CRM platforms, such as SalesForce®, Netsuite®, Lime Light®, Triangle®, Konnektive®, OrderLogix®, Orange CRM®, UltraCart® and OrderMotion®
  • Already-integrated CRMs take about two business days to go live.
  • New internal CRMs take two to five days, depending on your current CRM platform and its level of API development.
  • Our system availability runs at 99.9%. Click here for 12 month stats.
  • We perform custom integrations to your unique internal system at no cost.
  • We offer a no risk guarantee. Use our system for 30 days. If you don’t think it’s the most impactful, dynamic profit increasing technology you’ve used, then leave and owe us nothing.
  • There are no long term contracts. We earn your business every day.

“RevGuard is consistently helping me improve my business’ bottom line. We appreciate their sincere interest in our success.”Lexxi A.

Strong and Secure

Security is priority #1.

  • You retain all credit card informaiton.
  • RevGuard accesses information only by going through your CRM. We keep minimal personal information.
  • Our firewall, infrastructure, and applications are architected for PCI compliance at a Level 2 Service Provider.
  • Constant system monitoring and support provided by RackSpace.
  • System updates happen by customer, not database, so scheduled downtime is typically less than 5 minutes per month.
  • Automated server patching.
  • Unmetered managed backups (weekly full and daily incremental with two week onsite retention).
  • Load balanced cloud web servers for peak traffic spikes.
  • The ability to add cloud web servers and dedicated database servers on demand to ramp with demand.

“Since adding RevGuard in front of my live reps, I’ve had stability on my campaigns for over 2 years and my profit margins are at an all-time high. Their team is simply amazing and very responsive. RevGuard’s reporting and analytics is unmatched in the industry, saving me a ton of time crunching numbers.”RevGuard Customer of Four Years

The Payoff

  • Reduce live CSR costs 34%
  • Reduce refunds 31%
  • Reduce chargebacks 23%
  • Increase save sales 23%
  • Increase CLV 43%

The improvement never stops because this process uses the same A/B testing science your marketing team uses to lift conversion and click through rates. Our system is fully integrated with your CRM through IVR, Web and Email communications.

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