The Patented Technology That Reduces Chargebacks While Increasing Profits

The Patented Technology That Reduces Chargebacks While Increasing Profits


We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a patent for our software that does A/B testing to optimize customer lifetime value. If you’re familiar with what we do, then this may come as no surprise.

If you haven’t yet heard of us…

Our patented SaaS platform assists subscription and continuity advertisers in reducing chargebacks, increasing customer lifetime value, reducing customer churn and increasing profits.

The purpose of the platform is to optimize outcomes of customer interactions – these customers may be existing, new, or potential. Multiple variations of options or A/B testing leads to outcomes which can be applied and then measured and analyzed for best economic impact or preferred outcome.

We’ve been working on this patent for more than five years. Since the Supreme Court Alice ruling, software patents have been subjected to a much more difficult standard. Fortunately, our patent was able to conform to these new, elevated requirements which also makes us very confident about enforce-ability,” said Blair William McNea, CEO of RevGuard.

Our goal is to revolutionize the optimization of CLV. Through the scientific process of A/B testing, we scientifically optimize your post-acquisition customers’ lifetime value through extensive testing of various offers, maximizing both profitability and customer happiness.

Our system is currently deployed for Interactive Voice Response (IVR), web, email, chat and live customer service integration.

When implemented, our system optimizes CLV within customer service, currently providing typical live customer service cost reduction of 31%, a chargeback reduction of 23%, a refund reduction of 17% and a 31% increase in CLV.

The Optimized Customer Outcome (OCO) system reliably delivers an increase in bottom-line profitability for our clients, usually within 90 days or less. We are putting our money where our mouth is, on this one, and offering a $10,000 PROFIT Challenge to prove we guarantee our results.

Learn more about this process on our How It Works page, which explains the process in detail.

The full patent is available for review on Google’s Patent search website.


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