Optimizing Profitability: A Chargebacks911 Review

Optimizing Profitability: A Chargebacks911 Review


Today’s ecommerce environment is driven by consumer preferences and customer satisfaction. This means merchants need to be even more attentive to the delicate balance between risk and reward. Indulging customers too much becomes an unmanageable liability. On the other hand, stringent risk mitigation can severely hinder profitability.

The solution is a comprehensive combination of products and services that creates an equitable solution for both the merchant and customer.

Chargebacks911 is a key element to mitigating risk while optimizing revenue retention, and an excellent complementary chargeback reduction service to RevGuard.

Dynamic Innovation

A Chargebacks911 review reveals a company that is dedicated to the creation of dynamic, agile solutions. The company’s products address the two main chargeback management tasks: prevention and representment.

Intelligent Source Detection

Intelligent Source Detection identifies the source of each chargeback. This unprecedented intelligence is an integral part of effective chargeback prevention because it allows merchants to rectify problems that are triggering chargebacks, not merely address the symptoms of transaction disputes.

Also, by identifying the source of each chargeback, merchants can distinguish between undisputable chargebacks and those resulting from friendly fraud. This introduces additional monetization opportunities through new representment possibilities.

Case Study

A merchant had lost a vital MID due to excessive chargebacks. The merchant’s reputation was severely damaged among financial institutions and other payment industry members. The business was forced to decline expansion opportunities and couldn’t meet demand due to lack of financial assets and risk levels.
Chargebacks911 used Intelligent Source Detection to identify threats, reducing chargeback issuance by 25% in just 45 days. The merchant also recovered 92% of detected chargeback fraud.

Merchant Compliance Review

Merchant Compliance Review provides a unique opportunity to detect unintentional merchant error—the second leading cause of transaction disputes. A professional, objective review of 106 different business elements reveals internal shortcomings and oversights that cause needless revenue loss.

Case Study

Chargebacks911 tracked key performance indicators for 16 digital ecommerce merchants over 90 days. Average results were as follows:
– Issuer declines decreased by 5%
– Sales conversions increased by 4%
– Blacklist revenue loss was reduced by 34%
– Merchant operational threats were reduced by 24%

Tactical Chargeback Representment

Chargeback representment is an extremely delicate task since the merchant’s reputation among influential industry members is at stake. That’s why Tactical Chargeback Representment is so important. Chargebacks911 focuses on longevity and sustainability, not producing short-term results that won’t last. The company incorporates human forensics to ensure the highest quality disputes and ultimately, the best results.

Chargebacks911 has found that Tactical Chargeback Representment not only recovers lost revenue, but also prevents future chargeback issuances. By defending the merchant’s reputation against the implied guilt associated with illegitimate chargebacks, merchants can improve their standing with issuers and experience fewer automatic chargebacks in the future.

Case Study

Chargebacks911 worked with 12 merchants to improve their reputation at the nation’s top issuing banks. Results after 90 days yielded a 9.34% reduction in chargeback issuances. These results were generated solely through efforts to improve the merchant’s reputation at the issuing bank level through tactical representment.

This Chargebacks911 review is far from conclusive. In fact, the company offers an extensive suite of products that expands to address emerging threats. The range of products ensures a comprehensive solution that addresses both sides of the chargeback issue.

If you would like additional information beyond this Chargebacks911 review, contact the company directly at 877-634-9808 or visit Chargebacks911. If you’re ready to find out how RevGuard works with Chergebacks911 to provide a complete chargebacks solution – contact us!

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