Customer Service Tips of the Week
Part 1

Customer Service Tips of the Week

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From Walter Long, RevGuard Senior VP – Biz Dev

1. Check Hold Times

Call into your customer service lines on different days and times throughout the week to get an indication of hold times and what the experience is for your customers.

2. Control Your Destination

It’s best to own your toll free numbers directly so you can determine where they are pointed. It makes it easier to test against another call center and switch if you are getting better performance elsewhere.

3. Test. Test. Test.

Are new handling options/price points being introduced to continue to lift campaign performance or Is your group offering the same save sale price points from six months ago? Just like you optimize on customer acquisition, introduce, test and optimize new variables on customer service.

4. Understand Your Reports

Do you understand your call center KPIs and how they are trending across days and weeks? At what point does a KPI create a warning sign that there may be issues such as chargebacks or excessive refunds coming? Understand your reports and ask a lot of questions to your account rep.

5. CS Pricing Structure

Does your CS pricing structure align your goals with theirs? A common pricing structure is a per minute rate. The incentive for the call center is to keep customers on the phone; is that your goal? Come up with a plan so that the pricing structure is in line with your goals.

6. Incentives Drive Outcomes

How are the CS reps paid by your call center? Is there additional pay for superior performance and/or for particular outcomes? Understand how your center compensates their agents as this will dictate outcomes on your program.


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