Advertiser Summit Aspen Review and Recap

Advertiser Summit Aspen Review and Recap


The RevGuard team recently had an opportunity to attend the Advertiser Summit at the St. Regis and Hotel Jerome, in Aspen. The event was hosted by Nate Lind of HaloRiver.

TL;DR the event was full of trial offer advertisers and partners, providing an excellent opportunity to network and get to know successful players in the trial/continuity niche.

In this detailed review we will look at what makes #AdSumAspen an excellent investment for anyone partnering with, or marketing to, trial offer merchants. Read on!

The Setting – St. Regis Hotel – Aspen, Colorado

Morning at St. Regis Aspen

Aspen, CO is about a 4 hour drive from Denver, if you fly into DIA – and the drive can be a bit hairy, depending on road conditions.

This time lady luck was on our side and clear roads provided for an easy 3 hour ride from our RevGuard headquarters in Boulder, CO.

The first half of December is considered early season in Aspen, and the snow blowers were working in overdrive to create snow for the incoming holiday crowds.

The snow wasn’t quite ripe for great skiing, but maybe we are just snobby since we live here. A few runs were open, and those who went out had a great time.

The conference ran from Friday until Sunday, with optional activities for advertisers on Monday and Tuesday.

The Arrival – Friday

RevGuard Team at St. Regis Aspen for AdSum

We arrived at the world renowned St. Regis Hotel in Aspen, where a big part of the conference took place, on Thursday evening.

The sponsor meet and greet networking event took place in the Aspen room, of the St. Regis, which made for a great opportunity to catch up with in-network partners we already knew, and meet a few new ones.

Among the notable partner sponsors were our friends Konnektive CRM, Lime Light CRM, Clickbooth, Pinpoint Intelligence, IfrahLaw, PayCertify, LinkBuilders, Chargebacks911Vantage Payments, and Midigator.

On Friday evening, event guests took a gondola lift to the top of Aspen mountain, where we enjoyed an open bar.

The experience of taking a 15-minute gondola ride, in the dark, with snow falling all around, was totally surreal.

The happy hour, which took place from 8pm until about 10pm, was another excellent opportunity to catch up with our clients and partners, and make introductions.

Educational Seminars – Saturday

AdSumAspen Panel - Nate Lind, Peter Nguyen, Bjarte Rene, Ari Rothman

Saturday morning was a great opportunity to grab breakfast with clients and partners, ski/snowboard, hit the St. Regis spa, or sleep in.

At 1pm the moderated, dinner-room-style sessions began.

The sessions comprised a panel of experts in the trial, direct response niche: advertisers, attorneys, fulfillment companies, payment processors, and accountants.

The experts discussed various topics affecting trial offer advertisers today.

There were a total of six sessions available at this year’s Advertiser Summit, with one being exclusive to advertisers-only.

Below is a breakdown of the sessions. We will discuss each session in more detail in a series of blog posts, so stay tuned in the next few weeks.

AdSumAspen Session List:

  • Regulatory Activities and Compliance Best Practices
  • Using Reporting and Analytics to Measure Affiliates, Reduce Fraud, Build Successful Campaigns
  • Conversions and Optimization Hacks
  • Subscription Campaign Finance
  • Domestic vs International Processing and Fulfillment
  • Advertiser – Ask Me Anything (Advertisers Only)

The Sponsorship Opportunities

RevGuard Tycoon Saloon Table at AdSumAspen

Plenty of sponsorship opportunities were available this year. The sponsorships ranged from custom room keys, to activity sponsorships – skiing, snowmobiling – and other fun activities, to happy hour, to a hydration/oxygen bar, and more.

This time we opted to sponsor

  • the IV/O2 bar, which gave us access to advertisers and partners in an intimate environment, providing an opportunity to network
  • a happy hour on Saturday evening, which was a great opportunity to link up with prospects and clients in a relaxed setting
  • a table at the “Tycoon Saloon” at the Hotel Jerome

The Tycoon Saloon took place on Sunday, from 1pm until 6pm, in two event rooms at the Hotel Jerome. Exhibitors were able to set up tables with custom tablecloths, and provide some marketing materials.

The Tycoon Saloon provided a great opportunity to talk shop with merchants and service providers, in a intimate environment, unlike that of meat markets at events like Affiliate Summit.

A lot of the sponsorships were experiential in nature, and provided an avenue for sponsors to interact with potential clients in intimate, perhaps even bonding, sessions.

Overall we felt the event was a great value for our brand, and we look forward to sponsoring it again in 2017.

ADSUMASPEN Founder, Nate Lind, Speaks About His Experience With RevGuard.

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