How It All Started
The Creation of RevGuard

RevGuard’s founders and owners, previously owned a company that sold subscription/continuity products to consumers over the web. Testing and optimizing customer acquisition by using A/B testing was an everyday process.

When they were getting ready to deploy a new automated phone system, they had the idea to test their new system using the same A/B testing methodology. They developed the software to track their results, and within 90 days DOUBLED their profits.

The ability to perform automated A/B testing on customer interactions had been realized, and RevGuard was born.

Through RevGuard’s years of testing, we have learned that every B2C sales program has an optimal combination of returns, save sales, save returns, continuity incentives, pricing and customer service policies. This optimal combination maximizes each customer’s lifetime value and keeps a business moving forward with new, innovative tests to optimize performance.

Plus, we combine A/B testing with a best-of-class automated customer service solution which allows for CLV optimization and dramatically reduces customer service costs. All of this is done while at the same time lifting customer satisfaction.

And that’s what makes it so much fun.